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Irish Business Against Litter IBAL
“All Ireland Anti-Litter League”

  • An Taisce will undertake, on behalf of Irish Business Against Litter, litter surveys between January and year-end.
  • Over fifty towns and cities throughout the Republic of Ireland will be surveyed.
  • Trained Surveyors will survey the sites. A Litter Survey Form will be completed for each survey.
  • An Taisce will retain detailed photographic evidence of each site surveyed. The sites chosen will vary from survey to survey.
  • Sites will be chosen from (for example):
    • Town centre
    • Main Street
    • Shopping centre
    • Public car park
    • Bus / Train Station
    • School College / University
    • High-density residential
    • Low-density residential
    • Industrial Estate
    • Public / amenity area
    • River walk/ promenade
    • Tourist site
    • Beach / marina
    • Main approach routes

  • Surveys will be carried out at any time of day, seven days a week in any month.
  • The survey will begin at the approach roads' speed limit signs but for applicable towns the cleanliness of the connecting route to the next major town will also be taken into account.
  • Each site surveyed will get a Cleanliness Grade based on the An Taisce results (see below for details).
  • A short comment will be attached to each site and An Taisce will supply this information to Local Authorities.
  • An Taisce will respond to queries from Local Authorities in advance of and during the campaign.
  • Awards will be notified by IBAL later.

FOCUS ITEMS during previous Litter Surveys:

  • Industrial Estates will be included whenever possible in every survey town.
  • Third level institutions (schools, colleges, universities) will continue to be surveyed (the open areas within the school perimeter and the areas outside and surrounding the building).
  • Road signs will be surveyed for cleanliness and readability.
  • Bus and train stations will continue to be surveyed (including the rail track within the station and for half a mile outside).

Note: The occupier of a property is responsible, under the Litter Act, to keep clean at all times the open/visible areas within the property and the pavement outside/surrounding the property irrespective of the source of the litter. IBAL suggest that managers of firms located in industrial estates, managers of third level institutions, bus and rail stations and those responsible for road signs be apprised of the implications of the forthcoming surveys.

Cleanliness Grades

Trained surveyors will grade each survey site visited with a Cleanliness Grade where:

  • Grade A = Clean to European Norms (Virtual absence of litter)
  • Grade B = Moderately Littered (Scattered small amounts of litter)
  • Grade C = Serious Litter Problem (Accumulations of litter)
  • Grade D = Litter Blackspot (Significant accumulations of litter)
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